Hello, I'm Yang Hong-Bin from Taiwan, you can also call me Petingo. I'm pursuing my Master degree in Computer Science at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Since last semester, I've also been working part-time at IBOIS for an AR application for carpentry and LDM for an AI-aided architectural design research. My research interest includes Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Geometric Computing, 3D reconstruction, and MR/AR.

I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science at Taiwan Tech (NTUST), where I spent my last semester at Czech Technical University in Prague as an exchange student during the harsh time of COVID-19.

Because of my interest in photography, I had done some research on image processing in the past years, including image and video compression, quality enhancement, and fake image detection (with both mathematical and deep learning-based methods). During my Bachelor's study, I collaborated with Prof. Kuo-Liang Chung and published Effective Chroma Subsampling and Luma Modification for RGB Full-color Images Using the Multiple Linear Regression Technique, which is now state-of-the-art in YUV420 chroma subsampling. After graduating from university, I worked as a research assistant at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and conducted research on deep learning-based image forgery detection under Prof. Chen, Jun-Cheng's supervision.

I am also an award-winning photographer, where I won the Special Award in 2021 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Contest with this photo. If you are interested in my photography works and want to see more, please visit my vsco or follow my instagram.

I love Architecture so much. I have taken several courses in Architecture and Interior Design when I studying my Bachelor. Although I have limited experience and skills in this field, I hope I can work in the intersection between Computer Science and Architecture in the future.

For the detailed Curriculum Vitae, please refer to here.