Exploration Or Obedience



In this work, I assist two designer, H.Y. Huang and Y.H. Lee, realizing their idea of interactive design: Exploration Or Obedience, which question the value of religion.

Religion has a long-term influence on values, and people often struggle between “loyalty to oneself but trying to explore” and “absolute obedience to doctrine”.
We collected audio of young men and women’s sexual behavior, generating mosaic patterns based on the sound, to perform alternative porn on the stained glass.
—— H.Y. Huang and Y.H. Lee


modelThere are two parts in the interaction. The first part is a dynamic stained glass, which reflects the movement of audiences. It takes a photo every 10 seconds, and the photo would be projected on another wall which contains a row of stained glasses.

At the beginning, I tried to use p5.js for creating the dynamic triangulated mosaic along with BodyPix for human segmentation. (Click here for early stage demo on OpenProcessing.) However, the performance is not ideal. Low FPS and high delay forced us to give up this combination. As an alternative, Processing and Kinect are used at the end.

At Exhibition


The exhibition is held at Taiwan Tech, Taipei, Taiwan; from 8 May to 11 May, 2021.